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“Transform your interior 
into an experience!”

With our interior jewelry, we aim not only to enhance 
the aesthetics of a space but also to add an extra dimension to
the interior experience. 

We believe that these jewels are not only functional for 
organizing spaces but also serve as expressive elements that
reflect personal style and identity. In this way, each interior 
tells its unique story.

avant garde.
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avant garde vrouw.jpg

Avant Garde

This modern wonder seamlessly blends contemporary style with timeless charm, embodying sophistication in every detail and leaving a lasting impression on premium interiors.

paragon vrouw.jpg


An embodiment of perfection and timeless elegance, 'Paragon' seamlessly complements various interior styles, making it an essential element in any tasteful environment.

emperor vrouw.jpg


Introducing Empress: Redefining high-end interiors with exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled quality, inviting you into the ultimate refinement of opulence and sophistication.

pioneer vrouw.jpg


Pioneer: the visionary behind our groundbreaking BigBeads divider, setting a new benchmark in interior design with her innovative spirit and relentless drive.


BigBeads® made from
Wood, Steel, Glass and Ceramics

Each bead is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, thoughtfully and sustainably processed

by our dedicated team.

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Foto 09-04-2024, 10 52 29.jpg

Our commitment to quality drives us to choose the finest materials, working closely with 
top-notch suppliers. Handcrafted wooden and steel beads, carefully finished, perfectly match

the ceramic and glass beads from a small craft workshop in Portugal. 

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“Allow us to enhance your interior with 
our design- and installation service, 
ensuring each jewel sparkles in just 
the right place.”

Design Service

Born from our interior design background, this product reflects 
the essence of our interior creations. We understand, like no other, 
how to enhance your space with beauty using Bigbeads.


Choose your palette, provide desired dimensions, and let us craft 
the perfect composition for you. 


Installation Service

Let us provide the finishing touch to your interior by expertly 
hanging our exquisite jewels. 

We are at your service, ensuring a professional installation and 
guaranteeing that they shine perfectly in your space.


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