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BigBeads is the brainchild of a creative young startup born from an interior design studio. 

"Taking our own product to market marks an exciting new chapter for us.

We're eager to introduce our signature creation":

"high-quality interior jewelry crafted from
stunning beads, elevating upscale interiors
with style and sophistication."

With our design agency INSIDA, we designed a house a few years ago for a client in

which we were searching for a beautiful room divider.


Nothing appealed to us, so we sketched this enormous bead curtain

assuming that something like it would be available on the market

by the time the villa was being built.


We scoured the entire internet but found nothing similar.

We decided to take matters into our own hands, further develop the product,

and ultimately bring it to market.

Bart&Maartje verloop2.jpg
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